5 reasons why I am not going to Pesta Blogger 2008

Last year, I joined the Pesta Blogger 2007. It was a memorable event and just like someone said, it was as exciting as first time sex. I was lucky to be a part of this bloggers' party. 😀

This year, Pesta Blogger 2008 is being held again in Jakarta today. More sponsors, more creative programs, more involvements (even from international fellow bloggers), and of course, more interesting breakout sessions. The theme this year's Pesta Blogger supports is "Blogging for Society", which I think is a good one.

Today, I do not attend the party for some reasons:

  1. Conflicting schedule. I have another agenda today with my family
  2. In fact, I am in PB, too. But it's not Pesta Blogger, it's PekanBaru 😀
  3. I am not in a mood to attend a social event like Pesta Blogger, at which I have to meet so many people. I am rather anti-social...
  4. My blogging spirit now is at the lowest level ever
  5. I will be more than happy to read and to hear any news and information about Pesta Blogger via blogs and other media. 😀

So you guys @Pesta Blogger 2008, have fun and enjoy the party! 😀

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