back from vacation

A 3-week of vacation, 24 days of meeting with families and friends, 2 wedding parties, 3 cities, 5 flights, 3 big traveling bags or suitcases...no wonder Luna had to go to a doctor last night. Get well soon, kid, please... 🙁

We had so many things to do during the vacation, but there was so little time. When we were in Jogja for instance, I said I had to go to Sate Klathak. It was my number one destination, top priority. But we didn't make it.

We also didn't go to some other places in Balikpapan and Jakarta, and failed to meet with some friends. A lesson to learn: we should make a very detailed agenda for the next vacation.

Another lesson to learn is about flying with Air Asia. OK, we didn't read the terms and conditions, especially about the excess baggage rule. My mistake. And what happened was we had to pay 200K rups for every flight (we flew 3 times with Air Asia). So, do not fly with Air Asia if you carry a lot of heavy baggages.

But after all, we were very happy to see our parents and other family members. 😀

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