my new iPod Classic 120GB

A cute little pink iPod Shuffle had always been with me since more than a year ago. I think I bought it in Singapore. Nice gadget, amazing battery performance, and very good sound quality (if I pair it with a Sennheiser headphone, the sound is even better). Everything I need from a digital music player is there.

Unless it has no display. And sometimes it was frustating when I had to push the 'Next' button couples of times to go to a song I wanted to listen to.

Last monday, I decided to buy another iPod to replace my Shuffle. My Shuffle had enough time to serve me. It was the time to retire.


And the lucky iPod is an iPod Classic 120GB. Why?

  • It has a display. 😀
  • Able to play both music and videos and store thousands of photos.
  • The size of the memory does matter. With 120GB, I can put everything in it.
  • My wife needs an external harddisk to backup gigabytes of files. 😀
  • Solid and beautiful.
  • Fits in my pocket.
  • This is the 5th generation iPod. I have no doubt about its features, it should have been improved very well.
  • I am going to travel a lot, so I need a better companion. :p
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