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I am a fan of Palm products. To be specific, Palm products without Windows inside. I think Palm OS was the only OS that deserved to power Palm products. They were meant to be together forever. 😀

That's why I had a good time with a Palm Tungsten and had a better time with a Palm Treo 650. Both of them were just great PDA's and truly legends. Now, I have a Palm Centro - maybe the last Palm OS-powered product - in my hands and unsurprisingly it is capable of meeting my expectation from a smartphone.

Recently, Palm has released their new smartphone called Palm Pre. Physically it is a beautiful and alluring device, a gadget that's going to make you stop and think of having it right away. But wait, there is something more about Palm Pre. It is the operating system!


A new Linux-based operating system developed by Palm will be embedded to each Palm Pre and called palm WebOS. It is designed for use with a touchscreen-based GUI. It can run a number of applications and makes use of several web technologies. Many gadget and gizmo enthusiasts consider it a remarkable breakthrough from Palm.


Even though it won't be available in Indonesia until at least at the end of 2Q this year, Palm Pre is already on my wish list. 😀

There are some points that make Palm Pre is a strong contender over the iPhone at the top of my wish list:

  • It has almost all the features and advantages the iPhone has e.g. a superb display, advanced sensors, a megapixels camera, spacious memory, a nice body, support of many multimedia files, built-in Wi-fi, GPS, etc.
  • It has a real physical QWERTY keyboard. Me likes real QWERTY keyboard!
  • It can run application simultaneously a.k.a. multitasking
  • Copy-paste ability 😀
  • It should inherit outstanding PIM applications from Palm OS-powered devices
  • It is said that palm WebOS will also allow programmers to create and develop applications as many as possible

What about the price? Well, my prediction is about 6 - 8 millions rups when it gets in Indonesia for the first time.

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